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Camp For Your Dog Instead of a Kennel? Yes!

Located right in the GTA - On 100 acres of beautiful rolling hills, with hiking trails, swimming, and more!

The Original Dogs at Camp
Dogs at Camp provides day and overnight dog boarding, and we serve Toronto, the GTA, and Durham Region.  The camp opened in 2002, and set the standard for open concept dog boarding ever since.  All dogs enjoy all day play in a two acre on site dog park, an 1800 square foot indoor playroom with cushy rooms, heated floors, filtered water, an air filtration system, a closed circuit camera system, and much more!


Kennel Free Boarding?

Dogs play in fully fenced fields, supervised at all times by our Camp Counselors.


Why Choose Us?

More experience (15 years!), more space, more staff, and more for dogs to do!


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What Does Camp Look Like?

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Dogs at Camp is a unique environment, where dogs spend their days playing with other friendly dogs, supervised at all times by our Camp Counselors.  Here we offer large open spaces for dogs to run and play! Camp for dogs is not at all like a traditional dog boarding kennel. What does it look like? Here are just a few photos, but click below to see many more!



How About Some Video?

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Who We Are

Caring Staff -- And they're all dog owners too! Our wonderful Camp Counselors are all dog ‘parents’. We share your love of dogs, and when it comes to the care of our own dogs, we expect nothing but the very best. We miss our dogs when we’re apart from them, and so we certainly understand that you’ll miss yours, too.
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Exceeding Expectations

Great location, outstanding accommodations, and the very best care for your dog.

We set the example for others! Yes, we'll take your dog on a hike (and a swim if she'd enjoy that too!) with a few of her best dog buddies. If you're busy in your non-dog world, we'll pick Fido up from your location -- and drop him off at the end of his stay! And, if you think he could use some cleaning up after his dog camp adventures, we're happy to give him a warm sudsy bath and blow dry. A little spa treatment is a nice welcome at the end of a busy vacation, even if you're a dog!


Hiking and Swimming!

On our 100 acre property, we have beautiful hiking trails and a spring-fed swimming pond.


We’ll Pick Up!

Yes, we can pick up or drop off from anywhere in the GTA or Durham Region.



A bath after camp ensures that your dog will come home looking and smelling his best!

How Do We Compare?

You want the very best for your dog, and we understand, because we do too.

When you're looking for the right spot for your dog, it's natural to compare (and we encourage you to do so)! While comparing, consider the activities that each facility offers for your dog. Do they offer walking and hiking trails? Swimming? Is there lots of indoor play space too? Or will your dog spend her day in just one field?

Not all dog boarding facilities are alike. Compare us to the others.




Dogs At Camp


Top Competitors


First Dog Camp in Ontario Bone
Open Concept Dog Boarding Bone Bone
Camp Property Located in the GTA Bone
Property Size -100 Acres+ Bone
Pick-Up / Drop-Off Service Within GTA / Durham Bone Some
Closed Circuit Video Monitoring Bone
Outdoor Enclosed Play Area 2 Acres Between 1/4 and 1 Acre
Indoor Play Area 1500 Sq Ft. Between 500 and 800 Sq Ft.
Staff Certified in Pet First Aid Bone Some
Hiking Trails Bone
Swimming Pond Bone
Central Air Conditioning Bone
Radiant In FLoor Heating Bone
Indoor Air Filtration System Bone

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Where are we?

We're located right in the GTA, and we serve Toronto and Durham Region!

People are Talking About Dogs at Camp

After 15 years, our reputation means the world to us.

Why not speak to one of our many happy clients?  They'd be delighted to chat with you, and we would be happy to arrange that.  To do so, give us a call or drop us a note!